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Saturday, 7 January 2017

2017 - Trying out new things means crafting injuries!

Yeah, title might be a tad dramatic!

A while ago I purchased some punch pliers and fancied trying them out.  It's just a pair of pliers that you can use to make holes and attach eyelets or studs into fabric.  So I started simply with a gift tag.

I actually made two, and then let myself loose trying to put the eyelet in. 

Firstly, I didn't push hard enough with the pliers whilst making the initial hole.  This meant that I had to cut away the fabric by hand instead and could I find my tiny sharp embroidery scissors?  No, I could not.  So did I wait until I could find my small embroidery scissors?  Nope - attacked the hole with my dressmaking shears and lo and behold ripped a big hole into the top of the first gift tag.

This put me a bit out of sorts but I continued to try and put the eyelet in as practice and, distracted by the previous mistake and my son asking me what I was doing I managed to put the eyelet onto the pliers the wrong way round, applied pressure and it jammed fast onto the pliers pin.

I asked Mr HoffiCoffi for advice and he went to get a small pair of normal pliers to prise the eyelet back off my pliers so, of course, I waited patiently for him to come back with his pliers as the eyelet had split slightly resulting in sharp metal edges sticking out.  Oh no, wait, I'm telling that wrong.  What I, of course, actually did was start picking away at the eyelet with my fingers resulting in a thin cut along the back of my middle finger when my hand inevitably slipped.  I'm not doing New Years Resolutions anymore!

I did manage to get the hang of it on the second gift tag, which is photographed above and I decided I had better get straight back onto the horse so to speak and I made a bunch of tags.

Lovingly (plasteronthe)handmade. :)

Happy New Year.