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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Simplicity 8124

I was out shopping with a friend the other weekend and we kept on seeing in the shops some lovely off the shoulder floaty tops.  I remembered that I had seen a pattern for such a top on the Simplicity website, but wasn't sure of the pattern number.  I went home and searched for it and it was pattern of the week.  So I got it for half price!  What a happy coincidence.  (Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 8124)

Well, as I pushed the boat out on the pattern I also had to be extravagant with my fabric choice - so this top is made out of another friend's old duvet cover.  :)

That combined with the fact that I teamed it with my refashioners' skirt made me and my purse very happy.

As you can see.

I took these photos when on a mini break in this gorgeous cottage on the Wales/England border.  It was a very relaxing break...

...sunshine...views... of sheep.  What more could I ask for. :)

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Handmade On Holiday

It is the end of the summer holidays, and I am about to go back to early mornings and hairnets - so I am cheering myself up with the photos I took of our main holiday this year.  In beautiful West Wales.

The photo above was taken on a wonderfully sunny day at a beach that is often included in lists of the most beautiful beaches in the world...

Barafundle Bay.

It was a perfect opportunity to wear my beach set.   Although I would be lying if I said the weather was this glorious for the full week!

We did have rain.  Here I am cuddled up in our 'sun' tent on the beach with my daughter, and lots of tea and hot chocolate!  I am wearing my seagull skirt which proved quite appropriate.. look who came for a nose once the weather had cleared up a bit.

We didn't just have rain though...

...there was also wind!  This is one of the few photos my daughter took of me that day that isn't showing too much leg!

This was at Angle beach and I am wearing an old favourite, a floral skirt I made out of a curtain that seems to find its way into my limited suitcase every summer.  I think it is my favourite thing I have ever made and I am in love with it still.  Plus it has my favourite colours in it so I always seem to buy shoes that match! :)

The changeable weather didn't bother me that much as we stayed in such a beautiful cottage it was hard to leave it every day.

This was the view into the garden.

And a clematis arch lead you into a summerhouse.  Bliss.

Also, look at this book I found on a shelf in the cottage - just asking to be read by the fire on the rainy day we had (I can remember it was the rainy day because there I am wearing the seagull skirt!)  The book is called 'The Art of Needlcraft' and the envelope inside advertising a tobacconist must have been used as a bookmark for many years.

Anyway, you can see why I am sad to get back to normal daily life now the summer is over.  The clothes, the cottage, the coast, the collectibles...

and I forgot to mention... the CAKES!!!!