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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Butterick B6182

I made a top. View A Butterick B6182 to be exact, which is a Lisette pattern.

I cut a straight size 16UK.  I decided against doing any alterations for my wearable toile because I wanted to see how this loose top would look straight out of the packet.  I had researched how others had made this top and pretty much everyone I read had lengthened it by quite a bit, and initially I thought that I would do the same.  But I pondered this and I questioned whether, in so doing, I would lose some of the design of this top.  It was meant to be cropped and I personally kind of wanted to be true to that.  This all sounds very ernest but I had a problem.  As somone of a certain age and a certain size I am not a regular crop top wearer.  I like to be covered up pretty much and this top is going to eventually be made as part of a two piece and it will be teamed with high waisted shorts for the beach.  Should I make a high waisted skirt to go with this version?  Then I remembered I had this....

It was 99 pence on Ebay - I was the only bidder.  Pretty much welcome to frumpsville but I loved the colour and I loved the pleats.   If I kept it as a dress to wear under my new top I would be midriff mishap free.

I took the sleeves off the dress to make it sleeveless - but I forgot to take a photo of the original sleeves - they were short but they stuck out beneath the top.  Also the neckline was a problem.. 

I didn't want the neckline of the dress to show under the top so I reshaped it - with the help of the Butterick pattern and a french curve.

The altered neckline above.

As you can see it is now nicely hidden away.

Here is a photo of the altered dress.  Not very exciting in its own right but it has an important job to do.

It lets a middle aged woman wear an untucked, cropped top without fear of showing off midriff... matter how crazy she gets. :)