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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

It's hard to wrestle with that much polyester.

Following on from my apparent obsession with the colour orange, I found these items in two charity shops on the opposite side of the road from each other. (Inspiration struck so I ended up crossing the road a few times to make the purchases!)  The shirt is a man's 100 percent cotton shirt from 'Animal' and the curtain is 100 percent polyester and from 'Ikea'.

I decided I wanted to make a party dress with a fitted strapless bodice.  The back of the shirt was enough for the centre front of the bodice and, as the bodice I was making had princess seams, the rest of the bodice pieces were easy to fit onto the shirt front and sleeves.

I decided to line the entire dress and placed boning into the bodice lining.   This is the only 'action' shot I have.  This is because the rest of the time I couldn't find my camera under several metres of polyester.  I do not entirely recommend wrestling with polyester, or gathering it for the matter.  I ended up sewing the two curtains together along one of their shorter sides (having taken off their hanging loops).  Then I folded them in half widthways so that the fold would be the bottom of the skirt - so that I didn't have to try to hem such a slippery fabric (have never perfected a rolled hem!).  I then 'attempted' to 'gather' the fabric by running two lengths of long straight stitches along the entire length to trying to pull them into a gather.  Several snapped threads later (which was bound to happen - what was I thinking) I managed to gather the length up enough to be able to fold it in half and then attempt to sew all that bulk to the bodice.  It was not my finest work but...

The finished dress front.

The finished dress back.   I'm happy with it.

I had initially intended to use the original shirt collar for the bodice band, but upon inspection it was quite worn and wasn't quite long enough to be caught in the side seam.

Luckily I had enough leftover fabric and was even able to line it up so that the stripes went along uniformly.

This is the dress inside out to show you the lining.  I managed to avoid hemming the lining by using the selvage edge on the bottom... luckily my calculations as to length worked out for me this time!

The before and after shot.  I think I am over orange now! :)