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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Aquatic Knitting

I've got my knitting head on at the moment.  More specifically, I've got my fair isle knitting head on.  I've just finished this hat and top set in which I combined...

... the smallest size in this (70's?) pattern purchased in a bundle from Ebay...

... with a design from this book.  This book was published in 1985 and I purchased it on my last summer holiday for the silly price of 99 pence in an Oxfam bookshop.

The yarn used is acrylic.  The orange and blue I have had in my stash forever - no idea how they got there - and the white yarn was a massive ball purchased in a charity shop for £1.99 I think - and I've still got loads left.

The total cost came to well under a fiver, and I will be donating it to charity.

Linking up with the vintage pattern pledge.


  1. So cute! And how nice of you to donate ;)

    1. Thank you. :) I really enjoyed knitting it.