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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Vintage Simplicity Skirts

It is a nightmare trying to get a school uniform skirt for my daughter.  In fairness to her the selection available in the school's requirement of navy blue is quite poor.  Most of the school skirts on the high street are black, and most of the blue ones are (a) pleated and (b) exactly the same skirt going from age 3 to teenage sizes: and my teenage daughter would understandably rather not wear the same pleated skirt as a three year old.

I have tried to solve this problem by making her a skirt, the details of which she chose herself.  From the choice of patterns I gave her she chose this one..

Simplicity 9561 View 3.  She needed functioning pockets though and so I sketched out various pocket ideas and she chose to have side fronted curved pockets, so I altered the pattern to include these.

She also wanted a side zip so I moved it from centre back, like so.

It may have taken two days of resizing, pattern drafting, and sewing; but if she will wear it before the only other skirt she agrees to wear gives up the ghost, it will be worth it.

Once I had her measurements I was on a roll. 

She also liked the following pattern...

Simplicity 8925 View 1.  This style of skirt has been all over the high street recently in denim.  I didn't have any denim in my stash of fabrics though so I made it up in this camouflage fabric, which is cotton with a slight stretch.

The buttons were from my charity shop button tin and I didn't pattern match the pockets because... well it's camouflaged!  

Back View.  I made this one up pretty much straight out the packet after resizing it for a smaller size.

The one thing I did do was try out flat felled seams for the first time.  The results were certainly a bit wobbly, but I did love the strong seam it gave this stretch fabric so it is definitely something I will use again.

So there you have it, two patterns from the very early 70's brought back to life.


  1. Some things do not go out of style, because they are the style. I love that button front style. And I am very sure I had a skirt from the Jiffy pattern (my mother was a Jiffy devotee)

    But I can't see your pockets.....(sorry, couldn't resist).

    1. I love your comment about the pockets! I would love to be able to sew a pocket so invisible it would take me half an hour to find my keys. :)

  2. Lovely skirts! I have found that skirt patterns from the 70s are often actually quite good. I really should sew more skirts!

    1. I love a 70's skirt shape - they seem so easy to wear. It was nice to be able to sew some skirts for my daughter as it made a change from trying to fit myself. :)