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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

It's getting colder here in Wales, so I am knitting.

My sister kindly gave me some oddments of yarn she had left over from various projects, and I have been using them up.  Firstly I made a hat for her and then decided it was my turn! :)

This hat was made out of a lovely blue chunky yarn and some leftover Noro.  I love Noro.  It's official. 

The hat is, as ever, a free Ravelry pattern, which I altered slightly as I didn't have enough of the blue yarn for the full slouch, but I think I prefer it this way and particularly love the egg yolk coloured top!  Like I say, I love Noro.

I also actually purchased some yarn!  (Well, it was in the sale) and knitted these leg warmers (from a - all sing along now - free Ravelry pattern!).  The yarn is Rowan lima in denim if I remember correctly.  A lovely soft yarn to work with.

So, I am all set for the snow.  Bring it on!


  1. I love things made from "scrap yarn". It always ends up with that unique texture from all the different yarns, and you put the colors together so well! Love the leg warmers,too. I need to make some of those for running :) We have cold weather here in Norway too. We also got 15" of snow in two days and it is lovely and bright. Love winter!!

    1. Gosh that's a lot of snow! I don't think we will beat that here. Still I am now prepared. :)