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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Running Before I Can Walk

It looks like I've got myself into quite a tangle here but bear with me - it does have a happy ending!

My inkle loom love is still going strong and - me being me - I decided to have a bit of an experiment.  I already had in my box of tricks a rigid heddle which I purchased a few years ago when I first tried weaving.

The above photo was taken in 2013 and I am weaving using a photo frame and the rigid heddle... took me another two years to get a proper loom!

Anyway, I thought I could get more variety into the weaving design if I could create slight variations in the sheds.  (Forgive me if I am using the terminology incorrectly - newbie!)  I decided to use a darker thread for some of the unheddled warps and then put them through the rigid heddle so as to separate them off from the lighter threads - that way I could move them up and down for the sheds independently and see what difference this made to the cloth I was working.  

The picture above shows the darker threads going through the heddle - I can move this up and below the sheds I make as normal on the inkle loom.

Confused?  So was I a bit when it looked like this..


But it did work.  

By varying where I placed this additional heddle I could get the darker threads to appear normally, to float on the top to make a longer line as it were, or I could make them disappear.  My tension is still dodgy at the sides so why I am fiddling around with intricacies is silly when I should be practising on perfecting my actual... weaving.

I wove enough to wear as a headband and I was pleased that my experiment worked.  I believe I could achieve this effect much more effectively by using tablet weaving techniques on my loom but I may have to buy another book to learn about that.  Mr HoffiCoffi will be pleased!