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Friday, 30 October 2015

Autumnal Skirt

This is another duvet cover skirt.  My friend gave me a king size duvet cover with this lovely floral border that was just calling out to be made into a full skirt. 

Although me being me I couldn't leave it at that and had to add a fox.

The fox is taken from a magazine called "Sew It Yourself" which I think is a spin off from Sew Magazine here in the UK.  If you happen to have a copy of this magazine and fancy using the fox template I believe that the tail template has been reversed in the download.  I had to flip the tail over before tracing it to make it fit anyway. 

My machine was not happy putting the details on the fox as I was trying to stitch through a few layers of fusible web and this led to a gunky needle and skipped stitches, so I did the minimum possible to add detail and will hope it doesn't all fall apart in the wash!

There is a full two tiered petticoat attached to the skirt which is made out of the fabric that was above the border design.  It gives the skirt a nice structure as well as making the thin white fabric more opaque.

As it has been half term we have been enjoying going out and about in the lovely autumn sunshine.  I haven't managed to photograph any foxes but I have managed a deer and bee hives. :)

Sunday, 18 October 2015

My 62 (and a half) pence mittens

On the minus side I don't think my bokeh candlelight photography quite worked.  On the plus side I am sure that my fire alarm is working!!!

Anyway... a year ago I knitted a scarf I called my sixty two and a half pence scarf.  This is because I purchased two balls of grey acrylic yarn at a charity shop for the grand total of one pound twenty five pence and I used one of those balls for the scarf...

... a cute cable number using a free pattern from ravelry. 

I had every intention of using the second ball of yarn to make mittens and, a year later, I have finally finished them!

The pattern is another free pattern I found on ravelry and they knitted up a dream.   I did initially want to make pink and grey mittens but came to my senses and thought that snowflakes had to be white.  The white yarn was kindly given to me by my friend's mum so I can still claim these cost me sixty two and a half pence to knit.

I did simplify the pattern a little as there is a little more colourwork in the original, but I was using a fairly thick yarn and wanted to avoid having to wrap the white yarn around the inside of the entire body of the mitten.  They are very cosy as it is and I love the fairisle pattern. 

I do have some yarn leftover but surely not enough for a hat! :)

Saturday, 10 October 2015

A Thank You and a Refashion

From time to time friends give me their unwanted garments in the hope that I can make use of them.  When I can make use of them I like to thank them for their generosity.  This thank you usually comes in the form of a handmade bag.

I have had my machine quilting head on since watching another very good crafty class on machine quilting (no affiliation - and in actual fact I got this class with the money I had refunded on another machine quilting class which I thought wasn't very good!).

Anyway, it all looked so easy and, whilst I came up with a usable piece of machine quilting, I clearly have a long way to go to meet a good standard.  I am still calling it artistic licence!

The other side of the bag is quilted with a Leah Day design.

The bag is lined with some fabric I purchased from a charity shop whilst on holiday a few years ago.

My friend liked the bag despite its wonky quilting and it was to say thank you for giving me this dress...

A gorgeous dress which unfortunately was too small.

Thank you Merle for modelling it for me... as you can see the zip was miles apart!

It was easy to turn it into a skirt.  I just cut around the dress an inch below the bottom piping on the bodice as this was the closest to my waist measurement and folded over a waistband (not convinced this is the best way to do it though) and put in a new shorter zip.

I cut the bodice apart and was left with these pieces.

Had a great time playing a game I like to call 'how can I make this into a bag'.

The result.  Can't quite remember now which piece is which but as every bag in this game is unique I won't need to recreate it!

Here I am modelling the outfit.  I did joke it was a bit Queen Mother having a matching bag but I am an old fashioned girl.

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