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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Fabric Samples Clutch Bag

My friend appeared for coffee the other day with these in the boot of her car.  They are home decor fabric sample books that she was given, and she thought I could make use of them.  She knows me very well.

There is an awful lot of good quality fabric in them - the challenge is of course that they are quite small pieces.

But on the up-side they are already in lovely colour co-ordinated layouts so it is easy to match colours.  You definitely need to combine the samples to make anything useful I think.

Well I came up with this bag.  It has a magnetic clasp fastening and I even managed to use the smallest samples to make the little tab pulls at the top of the bag.  Naturally I gave it back to my friend as a present, as she was kind enough to think of me in the first place.  And there is lots left for more bags!

Another treat I received recently was this lovely book for mother's day.  There are lots of nature inspired embroidery ideas in this gorgeous book, and - aware that I am living up to a Welsh stereotype here - I was immediately drawn to the sheep!

Love the embroidery stitch used to make his little fluffy coat.  I then made this into a little zip purse that I gave to another friend.

I haven't just been making bags though.  I have been taking a few craftsy classes on cake decorating and decided to practice some of the techniques I have learnt.  If you are not reading this with a cup of tea you may be tempted to put the kettle on now....

Enjoy! xxx