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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Christmas Presents I Made

I made two things as Christmas presents this year. 

For my sister I made this hand quilted bag.  It is using a traditional Welsh quilting pattern and I am hoping to spend a lot of 2016 exploring Welsh quilts more with the hope of making a full size Welsh quilt.  To this end I will come back to this bag in the near future to discuss it more.  You know you have a slight obsession with a technique when you start placing your stitches in a scanner in order to examine them further!

The second thing I made was for my Dad.  He has taken up painting again after many years and painted this scene for me.  Using this scanned copy of the painting I was able to embroider a lavender bag for him of the child with the balloon.  It is made even more special as the lavender in the bag was grown in both mine and my Dad's gardens from plants he had given me.  Can't get that in Marks and Spencers! 


  1. Love those gifts, especially the embroidery. I amsmiling at the idea of your scanning the quilt stitches for closer examination! Look forward to seeing how your journey into welsh quilting develops


    1. Trying to get the measuring tape to line up with the stitches in the scanner was fun! Happy New Year. x