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Monday, 21 December 2015

Knitted Gifts and How I Blocked Them

I seem to have made quite a few hand knitted gifts recently.  It must be the darker days that lead me towards the needles. 

The first gift is a hat for my sister.  Choosing yarn can be a tricky thing when making a gift, which is what made this gift so easy - my sister had given me the yarn as she had it leftover from her own project!  It's Rowan tweed and the pattern is a free one from Ravelry.

It came off the needles like the photo above, but I knew it could be blocked beautifully because it was wool. 

I put some fabric softener into some lukewarm water and briefly immersed the hat, trying not to agitate it much.

When the hat was wet I placed it over the inverted plate, placed the plate onto the inverted (emptied!) bowl and left it to dry.

You can also pull in the brim a little while it dries by hand sewing a line of running stitch around the brim and pulling it in slightly to stop the edge of the hat distorting, but I didn't do this and mine turned out ok.

The finished product.  I love how nicely wool blocks.

The second item I made was a knitted washcloth for a friend.  Again, another free pattern from ravelry and I used Sirdar baby bamboo.  This needed to be blocked flat and I had purchased from a local bargain shop a foam interlocking play mat for jobs such as this.

The washcloth is obviously small enough to fit onto one of the sections but you could easily make it whatever size you need and they store away nicely afterwards.  Result!

I had a little bit of yarn left over so I made a tassel for the wrapping and teamed the washcloth with some colour co-ordinating soaps.

The tag I used was from a lovely pdf set I purchased from a knitter on Etsy.  I just printed it out onto label paper and stuck it on cardstock.

The label was great as I was able to put the care instructions from the ball band onto the back of it.

Although I suppose if there is a special way you have to wash a washcloth it probably won't be a very good washcloth...  If you see what I mean! :)


  1. What lovely gifts! I love the handmade ones, they have soul and those ounces of love in them that store bought lacks :) The label is brilliant!

    1. When I saw the gift tag mentioned on a Ravelry forum I knew I had to get it! :)

  2. I love the hat, it is such a pretty pattern. The washcloth is also lovely. Your blocking methods are very clever. xx