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Friday, 30 October 2015

Autumnal Skirt

This is another duvet cover skirt.  My friend gave me a king size duvet cover with this lovely floral border that was just calling out to be made into a full skirt. 

Although me being me I couldn't leave it at that and had to add a fox.

The fox is taken from a magazine called "Sew It Yourself" which I think is a spin off from Sew Magazine here in the UK.  If you happen to have a copy of this magazine and fancy using the fox template I believe that the tail template has been reversed in the download.  I had to flip the tail over before tracing it to make it fit anyway. 

My machine was not happy putting the details on the fox as I was trying to stitch through a few layers of fusible web and this led to a gunky needle and skipped stitches, so I did the minimum possible to add detail and will hope it doesn't all fall apart in the wash!

There is a full two tiered petticoat attached to the skirt which is made out of the fabric that was above the border design.  It gives the skirt a nice structure as well as making the thin white fabric more opaque.

As it has been half term we have been enjoying going out and about in the lovely autumn sunshine.  I haven't managed to photograph any foxes but I have managed a deer and bee hives. :)


  1. Oooh lovely full skirt! The fox is a great touch too . It looks like a skirt destined for dancing. X

    1. I must admit I did enjoy a twirl when I put it on. :)