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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Refashion Runway Sewalong - Maxi Skirt or Dress Challenge

I am a bit late in the game for this year's Refashion Runway challenge.  I sewed along with quite a bit of season two (I made a plaid dress out of a skirt and a fifties skirt out of an eighties dress amongst other things!) but as it's the summer holidays I haven't had as much time as I would like to participate.  This week, however, is a maxi dress challenge and I happened to find the perfect item to refashion.

I got this two piece in a lush blue/green colour for the bargain price of £2 in a local charity shop.

What a bargain!

I loved the colour and the long ties at the front of the top were just begging to be made into halterneck ties.

I have quite a bit of seventies inspiration to work with as it's my favourite era of vintage pattern to collect.  Unfortunately my eye for a bargain can be a bit hit and miss!  When I opened up this pattern I had also purchased from a charity shop some while back I realised that all the skirt pieces were missing.  There's a story there I'm sure!

Anyway, I could only use the bodice as a very rough guide as I needed to re-draft it as a longer piece so that the skirt I had would be long enough to become a maxi.  This meant that I had to drop the waist of the skirt section to around hip length and could just about squeeze the length I needed for the bodice out of the original top front.

The fabric had quite a bit of stretch in it so I could omit the waist and back darts that were in the original pattern.  I did have to line the bodice with some cheap fabric I had which had just a one-way stretch to stop the weight of the dress pulling downwards.

I do like the finished result.  Mainly because it's a colour that I simply adore.  I'm surprised everything I own isn't in this colour!

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  1. Wow, what an upgrade! From frump to funk in an instant :) The dress looks lovely, and the dropped waist seam looks perfect, and ties in with the seam down at the skirt. I have been inspired by your refashions lately, and am in the process of refashioning on of my hubbys shirts. We'll see how that goes :D

    1. Cool. I'll look out for your refashion on your blog. Can't wait to see it. :)

  2. Check you out in your gorgeous maxi. It's a lovely colour on you.

  3. I absolutely adore this on you - it's so sexy and sophisticated! Well done, it's such an inspired refashion!

    1. Thank you. I just need lots of excuses to wear it now! :)