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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

"When we get to Wonderwool, please don't let me buy a loom."

These were the words I uttered to my friend as we were driving along to visit a fibre festival last month.  Luckily she didn't intervene when I did the inevitable.  I purchased an inkle loom.

I have used an inkle loom before, but it was about thirty years ago.  My sister was into spinning and weaving and I was jealous of her loom, so my dad made me a left handed one!  Sadly this isn't left handed, but it is another handmade one.  It was cheaper than the main supplier that had a stand at the festival and; let's see if I can get the terminology right, it also has a movable heddle which means I can create more sheds.  The poor lady at the stand tried to explain this to me but with a thirty year gap in any weaving I didn't have a scooby doo what that meant!

Luckily, I had already purchased an inkle weaving textbook from the same show a few years ago (must have been fate a certainty I would eventually succumb to the purchase).   After reading this and the leaflet that came with the loom I finally understood what it meant. 

I warped (ooh get me!) the loom the simplest way I could and absolutely loved going back into my past weaving again.  My tension is terrible - hence the wobbly sides - but despite that I still managed to come up with a usable piece of strapping.

And what I did with the strapping....

was to make my friend who didn't stop me a bag to say thank you! :)


  1. That's so cool!! Love the bag, what a lovely gesture :) I faintly recall me and my sister having a little loom of some sort when we were small. Only thing I managed to do with it, was break it....
    Just think of all the lovely strapping you'll make!

    1. Thank you. I have been meaning to buy one for years and finally took the plunge. I am thinking about making a trim for a wool skirt but not sure how it would cope with being laundered. Research needed I think! :)

  2. This is all new to me. It looks fab though and I love the strap. I can see it looking good as edging on a coat too. X

    1. I hadn't thought about edging a coat - that's a great idea because it wouldn't need laundering very much (or is it just me that doesn't wash my coats?!?!)

  3. Mum and Dad must be so please not to live in a house full of weirdly named stuff like inkle looms and niddy noddys! ;)

    The bag looks lovely, I could never think what to do with the blumming things after I'd woven them! You could probably make so fab belts, even if they were just ones that tied at the waist, or would that look too karate-ish?!