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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sing-Along-A Sound Of Music

Naturally I left it to the very last minute to finish my outfit for the Sing Along A Sound Of Music event held in Cardiff recently.  I had chosen something very easy to do though - I cut out lots of rectangles self drafted a novice's apron using one of the duvet covers given to me by my friend.

The back is fastened with a rather weather beaten button from my button tin, I already had the jumper and a long black skirt, so this outfit really cost nothing to make.

The only problem I had was that the front bib was a bit too high, but I rectified this when safety pinning it to my top, but otherwise I think it is a reasonable representation of the original.

Yes, I did already have the DVD!

Genuine fan here, genuine fan.

Anyway, on arriving in Cardiff with my friend and her son I did what every novice would do - went and had a pint.

Which it turned out I really needed as I ended up on the stage!

If I look a little uncomfortable with it, it is because I was.  I think I am more keen on making fancy dress because of the challenge - and then I realise I have to wear it out in public!

Anyway, I was in good company.  Look at all the nuns coming back after the interval!

You also got a goody bag of things to wave about during the performance. 

Note in particular the swatch of floral fabric to 'feel the quality' when Maria realises her drapes could be made into play clothes for the children. There is also a party popper to release when Maria and Captain Von Trapp first kiss.

My view of the nuns!

I really enjoyed my night (apart from the stage bit!) and would recommend it for a great night out.  Be prepared for a sore throat after all the singing, which I remedied with an ice cream on the way home!

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