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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Woman MP.11 (Catchy Title!)

I was the successful bidder for a bundle of patterns on Ebay the other day, and the reason I wanted to place a bid was mainly for the pattern above.  It's a 'Woman Easy-Makes' pattern with the mysterious code 'MP.11'...

The bundle was all complete apart from, wouldn't you know it, this pattern.  I'm afraid it was missing view C completely and the shorts for view B.  Oh, and all the instructions!

No hipster bikini for me then.  (The world breaths a huge sigh of relief!)

I decided to make the shorts in View D.  All the pattern pieces for this were there.  It was also an opportunity for me to try out a fitting book I have recently purchased, 'Create the Perfect Fit' by Joi Mahon.  An excellent opportunity because this pattern was a UK size 12, waaaaaay smaller than I am, but the book does aim to get you fitting yourself whatever size the original pattern is.  So how did it go?

All in all I was very pleased.  My main area of difficulty was that my centre front waist to hip measurement seemed very small.  It wasn't something I had noticed as being a problem before but I dutifully made the corresponding adjustment on the pattern - only to find that the shorts now dip at the centre front.  Hmmm.  Either I've measured myself/the pattern incorrectly or I did need a full abdomen adjustment I had ignored as I thought I had quite a flat tummy..... where's the wine.....

Anyway, I will undo this adjustment in my final version.

Another thing I will do in the final version is increase the depth.  They are a bit too snug when sitting!

I do like this pattern though - particularly the turn ups at the hem. Without instructions I was going to sew them the most logical way I could think of - but luckily I looked at another pattern I had that also had turn-ups and there was a  better way.  It must have been a better way as I've managed to get them to match up at the side seams which I am pretty pleased about.

So these are my shorts mark 1.  I have highlighted the original pattern pieces in green for you to see the amount of adjustments I made.  Will have another go when I've decided what fabric to use.

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