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Sunday, 12 April 2015

All The Small Things

I am not saying that I have entirely lost the plot - but I have spent some of the Easter holidays designing Barbie clothes?!?

It started because I had all these itsy bitsy pieces of material leftover from my last dress and I love the dragonflies so much I didn't want to throw out a single scrap.  Many a happy hour was therefore spent researching what other people had achieved with barbie designs, and it became very clear that I was not going to match up with those who design for collectors.  I therefore set my sights on velcro and rather more basic designs.

The main problem I encountered was in finishing the seams.  There was no way to do this neatly without perhaps very fiddly french seams so I lined everything.

This skirt is just a circle of fabric which I quilted with poly wadding and backed with the cotton fabric I used to line my dress.  The exposed edges were then finished off with bias binding - with the binding running on past the waistline to make a tie.  Easy to do up with no back seam necessary.

I did search online for help in drafting this bodice and combined it again with the full circle skirt.  The skirt has a pleat in the front as I didn't measure correctly and when I went to attach it to the bodice it just happened became a considered design element! :)

Pop art face!

The tie ribbon is attached with the only slightly fancy zigzag stitch I have on my machine.

And is tied at the back.  Again the overlap of the skirt means no back seam is necessary.

I really enjoyed making these but man, they are fiddly.  Weirdly addictive though....


  1. Cuuuteee! Love the Pop Art doll face dress :) Can you make me a full size version, please?

    1. :) I might have to put in a back seam for a real person though! :)

  2. Replies
    1. I know. I can't take up another hobby! My house is never going to be clean!!!

  3. Oooh love these. My neighbour gave my daughter some Simplicity patterns for Barbie type dolls` clothes. I'd never realised such tiny patterns existed! X

    1. I know - I was tempted to get a simplicity pattern as they are half price at the moment I think but I wanted the challenge of drafting - less scary on a mini scale!