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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Cotton Dragonfly Dress

I finished my final version of this dress just in time for a weekend away with the girls. It is a sixties pattern from The People, purchased on Ebay.

The inspiration in choosing the fabric for the final version came from a gorgeous little purse my friend gave me for my birthday.

Dragonflies flew into my head and obviously stayed there when I was browsing the Japanese fabric selection on Ebay.  I purchased two metres of fabric and was aware that it was quite a narrow width, but I only just got away with it. 

No fussy cutting pattern matching for me!

I tweaked the fit from the toile, making it more fitted at the bodice and giving myself more room at the hips.  I did make the skirt a little bit more a-line in the end but was pleased to keep the collar and neckline exactly as drafted on the pattern.  Even if it was a bit of a faff lining up five layers of fabric at the neckline.

Can you ever use too many pins?!

The zip was my best attempt yet at inserting an invisible zip.  There were no bumps or blips and I was so pleased I took a photo.

I love the finished dress.  I'm afraid the photos of the finished article are a bit grainy, as I was more interested in partying than posing...

Cue selfie with my friend!

 Grainy black and white photo, but you can see the back detail in the mirror!

The dragonflies seem quite happy together!

I had a great weekend and am now looking forward to lots of chocolate!

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  1. Oh wow, it looks awesome! I love dragonflies, my favourite bug :D You totally nailed the zipper insertion, and no, you can not use to many pins. Happy Easter!

    1. Happy Easter! I think the zipper insertion was a fluke! I kept looking at the back panel on the ironing board thinking "I can't believe it". (I have such faith in my sewing skills!!!) :)

  2. Totally fab, even fabber than the toile.

    1. Thank you. I'm really pleased with my tweaks to the bodice - looking back at the photos of the toile there was too much ease in there before. Sometimes it takes me a week of pondering to figure these things out! :)

  3. This looks great and I like the slightly more A line skirt. The dragon flies are perfect ! Yay to chocolate.

    1. Thank you. I think I suit an A line more - but I am still looking for the perfect wiggle dress! :)

  4. I love it! That is fabulous fabric and the shape suits you. You've got me wanting to stitch a dress! X

  5. Great outfit HC. I agree- this shape suits you.