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Friday, 14 November 2014

Channeling my inner Cruella De Vil

cruella de vil

Yes.  I know it's silly.  

When I saw that the Sewcialists had November as #SewDisney time I thought I could definitely sit this one out.  As I mentioned in my previous post; I wasn't fussed about making any costumes at the moment.  But then I read on and became fascinated by the phenomena that is 'Disneybound'.  I hadn't heard of this before, but it made sense that adult guests were not allowed to wear full costume when going to the various Disney parks and so would wear regular clothes that only suggested certain Disney characters.  Several hours surfing the net later and I was hooked!

I decided to make Simplicity 1873 - a Cynthia Rowley design - simply because I had just got it as a free gift with a magazine.

Enough of the silliness - this is how I will be wearing it out in public!  As you can see my tweaking hasn't resulted in the best of fits.  My FBA went a bit overboard and the bodice is now too big.  Totally my fault.  I will have to work on that.  This was pretty much a test garment in cheap fabric but I am still going to wear it!

I have also invested in an invisible zipper foot.  Took me three attempts but I have managed to get the zip in.  I'll have to work on that too.  So much homework!

The pink underskirt is a bit of a cheat - my friend gave me a maxi skirt which was too small on my waist.  I cut the bottom off the skirt and put an elasticated waist into it and hey ho an underskirt. 

Finally, further proof that I need to step away from Photoshop!  (Thank you Mr Hoffi for designing my dalmatian background!)