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Monday, 17 February 2014

Colour Wheel Quilt... But With Squares!

My apologies if you are searching the World Wide Web looking for the traditional colour wheel quilt (which has a circular design) and have stumbled onto this post.  Mine is definitely square.

Whilst I was drafting my Colette Peony muslin I really didn't want to waste any of the leftover calico that inevitably builds up as a result of pattern cutting.  I started cutting the larger scraps into four and a half inch squares, and then I remembered I had a few plain charm packs in my stash and a colour wheel quilt was the obvious way to go.  All the fabric and the wadding used is 100 percent cotton which, upon washing, gives a slight shrinkage which I think gives a new quilt a soft, slightly crumpled, antique feel.

I had a great time auditioning each colour square for the quilt and arranging them into an order I was happy with.  My daughter's friend had a birthday coming up and so I had a recipient in mind.

It was very easy to put together.  I have not, in the past, been as accurate with my piecing as I would have liked but feel I have found a great improvement with three things 1. accurate cutting 2. a quarter inch sewing machine foot and 3. double fork pins to hold everything in place before sewing.

I was running a bit short of time so the quilting had to be simple so I just quilted around the colour blocks.  The photo above shows the quilt all folded up ready to be wrapped for the birthday girl.

A lovely bonus of a birthday quilt is that you can write a special message on the back.  My daughter wrote this message to her friend in fabric pen and I stitched it in place.  In case anyone is wondering 'penblwydd hapus' is 'happy birthday' in Welsh!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Pattern Fitting Part 4 - The Colette Peony

Having adjusted the top of the Colette Peony to my liking, I had to tackle my ever problematic 'huge hip to small waist ratio' on the skirt.  I started by measuring the waist of the bodice and finding out the pattern size this related to and copying the skirt piece out in that size.

Somewhere along the line though I must have made a mistake.  The hips fitted ok - which is not usual - and when I tried to do the small gathers at the skirt waist they needed to be so gathered the skirt looked ridiculous! 

Side view - oooh HoffiCoffi what have you done there?!  That's not right.

This needed some serious adjustment if this skirt and bodice were ever to marry up - whilst still being large enough for my hip measurement.

I realised that there was actually some ease in the hip area (unheard of!), so I took some fabric out of the centre front.  This made the waist a bit smaller but there was still no way gathers were going to cut it unless I virtually gathered the whole front section - so I inserted two fairly substantial darts in the front.  It seems to have worked.

That's better!  Now young children will hopefully not point at me in the street!

I am now working on the actual dress.  I am trying out couture techniques and to say it is taking quite a while is an understatement.  Overlocker - I miss you!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Stitch Nation's All Day Beret

The South Wales coastline has taken quite a battering in recent weeks.  Just a few days ago roads were closed and visits to be beside the seaside were a very, very bad idea.  It seems unbelievable today though as the weather was glorious.

This morning I finished knitting the All Day Beret pattern by Stitch Nation.  It uses their own brand of yarn called 'bamboo ewe' and it is very lovely to knit with.  I love the colour of the yarn, and the fact that it matches exactly with the railings on our local pier is a very happy coincidence!

Today is apparently a brief respite in the poor weather we are having and tomorrow I may well have to batten down the hatches again.  More reason to curl up with some knitting I say!