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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Great class - shame about the student!

I've pretty much got used to my all over machine quilting technique of wavy lines and nervous humming!  I thought, however, it was time to try something a bit more adventurous.

I decided to take Ann Peterson's Craftsy class Beyond Basic Machine Quilting.  (I've no affiliation with Craftsy by the way).  Watching this lovely lady calmly quilt away inspired me.  She gave some great advice but this is something that will take practice.     

My flowers are a bit wobbly!  The thing is; there I am quilting away, concentrating like mad, when suddenly I just quilt a huge wobbly line out of nowhere!  Then I just carry on with a confused look on my face muttering 'why did I just do that?'  Feel free to use my technique!

I did do some things that I was pretty pleased with after I had practiced a bit.

I am loving my little dragonfly.  Completely Ann's idea - I would never have thought of something as cute as this!

I have also got some other all over quilting patterns I can now use as well as my bog standard stippling.

There are leaves (some of them even look like leaves!)

And swirls.

As this was a practice I used some cheap as chips fabric.  Ikea were selling this cotton print fabric at £1 a metre.  That is cheaper than muslin/calico is sold for, so I've bought it for making up toiles.  I managed to feel very seamstressy when I picked up an uncut bolt of fabric and the assistant pointed me towards the cutting table, and I said that I wanted to buy the whole bolt!  Oh the extravagance!  Like a scene out of Pretty Woman.... maybe not!


  1. I wonder what she thought you were going to do with a whole bolt of bathers?

  2. I love your dragonfly!
    I like these Craftsy classes (I like them even more when the are on sale which they frequently are!)

  3. Your machine quilting is fab - waaaaaaay better than mine! The flowers are fab and the dragonfly is so cute!