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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Dress In A Day - Christmas Dress

I had one day in which to make my dress for Christmas Day.  I started cutting out the pattern at 9am and, save for meals, worked solidly on it and finished just in time to watch my favourite hospital drama on the telly at 8pm.  And that, M'lord, is why I am never going to apply to be a contestant on 'The Great British Sewing Bee'.

I made it as simple as possible.  No sleeves, using the bodice from my last dress (Simplicity 1873) together with a gathered skirt that I sort of copied, sort of not.

The fabric is the reason I wanted to make this dress.  A pretty calico print from Ditto fabrics.  The bodice is lined with a white duvet cover that was given to me by a friend. 

I love the fabric and I love the neckline.

I clipped the neckline curve and I think that this is the first time I have done it where it seems to have kept a gentle curve rather than having some obvious dints in the line where the clips are.  If you see what I mean!

I also lowered the bust dart from my original version of this bodice and it has helped with the fit.  Merle is a bit smaller than I am at the moment but I've started running to work and am stubbornly refusing to increase her measurements in the meantime!!!

So those are the good points of my dress.  The pattern matching is another story however.  The skirt is a little odd in that that pattern dips centre front and back but it does match all the seams.  The bodice lines up at the side...

This was because I was careful to line up the bodice pieces to the same line of the print when cutting out.  I forgot, however, to line up the print centrally at the front of the bodice and as for the back...

...what?....  That had me sulking as I was eating my evening meal let me tell you!  It seems my lining up of the selvedges must have been wrong but that was something that I did check.  If it was something obvious please tell me what I did so I don't do it again!!

So not a perfect dress, but perfect for Christmas Day.  I wore it with a fairisle cardigan and it was surprisingly resilient.  Not creasy like quilting cotton would be.  I am just wondering if I can get away with this print on my summer holidays.....!


  1. What a great dress! I love the fabric. Definitely wear it in summer. X

    1. It is so lightweight and airy I do think it would be lovely to wear in the summer. Sun cream and reindeers go together don't they?! At least I would get my own special spot on the beach!!! :)

  2. It's a fab dress - might have to make myself a matching one for next Christmas! I don't clip into curved seams, just trim away excess fabric (leaving about 5 to 10 mm) and the bias will usually stretch enough when you turn it the right way out - that way you don't end up with dents where the clipping is!