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Monday, 18 August 2014

My Holiday Part I - Geek Day

I have mentioned previously how much fun I can have on holiday having a rummage around the lovely independent charity shops to be found on the West Wales coastline.  I call them my Geek days - not something everyone would do I admit - but I like it.

Being very aware of how big my fabric stash is at the moment I avoided getting any more fabric or yarn - and I didn't see anything that I couldn't resist.  But patterns..... oh lovely patterns in all your various forms!

Can you get any more seasidey than a jumper with a lighthouse on it!  I think not.  I also loved the mountain scene jumper so got both for 20 pence each.

The most expensive item I bought was for 2 pounds and it was a groovy knitting book...

On closer inspection it turned out to be a Japanese knitting book in English.  On even closer inspection it unfortunately turned out to be a Japanese knitting MACHINE manual book written in English.  May take some figuring out this one....

For 10 pence I got this...

I have bagged the heart number but the other suits are up for grabs in my Christmas jumper photo 2014/1973 style!

20 pence each got me these two patterns...

The white jumper is designed by Mary Quant and the pattern is for the jumper and matching socks.  I repeat - matching socks!!  Unfortunately the trims are crochet and I can't crochet - in my defence there were several folders of knitting patterns to go through in this charity shop and I finally got the subtle hint they were trying to close as I was pouring over the files when they locked me in the shop!!!!

I got three sewing patterns.  Two of them were definitely 20 pence each (can you sense a theme here!) and I'm not sure how much the other one was as Mr HoffiCoffi kindly paid for it for me.  Very kind of him indeed as it was the culottes pattern and I was in the middle of the shop re-creating the illustration poses at the time. 

Finally, for 50 pence, the adorable Golden Hands Book of 60 Things to Sew For Children.  There should be more Golden Hands books I feel.

This was full of cute as a button garments.  Really awesomely cute....


ok.  Maybe some not so much!


  1. LOVE the Mary Quant pattern - I might have to borrow that one - not sure I can pull off the socks though! The culottes are cool too!

    PS bagsie the clubs! ;)

    1. I think you could pull off the socks! You are welcome to borrow it - even more welcome if you will crochet the tops for me of the ones I hope to knit!!!

    2. Sounds like a deal to me! :)

  2. That sounds like a great holiday pastime. I like your patterns, especially the Mary Quant and the culottes. I am waiting for part 2 now :) xx

    1. I had a great time rummaging. I can't decide whether part 2 should be about what I wore or what I ate - there were a LOT of cakes!!!! :)

  3. So many winners! Can't wait to see you in a heart vest and matching culottes !

    1. Now that would be a combination! :)