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Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Holiday Part 2 - What I Wore

The joy of having sewn my own clothes for a number of years now is the increased confidence I have about wearing them on a daily basis.  I am no longer worried that badly sewn items will simply fall off me as I walk down the street!!!  I've never been one to 'fit in' fashion wise anyway and so am used to wearing something a little out of the ordinary.  It's just that these days I am usually wearing duvets and curtains I found in the charity shop or had donated to me.  So I can have a lot of fun - especially on holiday!

We stayed in a lovely cottage with sea views and as you can see, the bathroom lino rang a bell!!

I don't want you to think that my holiday was all about having photo's taken of myself!  When I wasn't thrusting the camera into Mr HoffiCoffi's hands and giving him instructions like "make sure you get the floor in" I was using the camera myself - to take photos of a LOT of food!  (I do have pictures of the kids as well :) !)

I know this post is photo heavy - but I just have to show you some lovely quintessentially British holiday treats!

Yep - I ate them all!


  1. Love the second photo from the top :) ...and the food pics... I would have eaten it all too, looks so delicious!

    1. They were very lovely to eat - but I think I may need to start running again to try and burn them off!

  2. You'd better check the car boot next time you go away, with all that lovely cake and ice cream I might be a stow away! :o)