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Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Groovy Toile and A Grand Day Out!

I have made yet another duvet dress!  This was meant to be a toile for a Black and White dress I have got in my head, but I liked this version so much I wore it on a day trip to Bath Spa.

The pattern is New Look 6145 and I made the simplest version I could because I knew the fitting would be a nightmare.  I cut a size 14 bust and tapered it out to a size 18 hip - despite the fact that my hip measurements were way over the largest (size 18) sizing.  I have only just got away with it and, truth be told, it is too small across the hips but it was so darn lovely to wear I went out in it anyway.  I don't know what it is that I like about it really.  It was a boiling hot day and the top is a lot looser than I would normally go for so that may have been it - and I liked wearing the shorter length even if my knees did scare children.  It just felt comfortable.

I also liked the fabric placement.  The duvet I used had a large central design (which I used at the front) that rather unusually blended with a smaller print at the sides (which I used at the back).  It meant that I didn't have to pattern match at the sides of the dress but the different patterns obviously toned well together.

These photos were taken in a lovely little coffee shop up a small side street in the centre of Bath.  I recommend the real fruit milkshakes!

We had a lovely family day out which included myself and my daughter sneaking off to the Bath Fashion Museum.  I have linked to their website rather than put my own photos on here as I am always wary about copyright and also, as no flash is understandably allowed, my photos of the clothes did not come out brilliantly.  I do recommend taking a look though (I would love your views on their Dress of The Year 2013). 

The one thing I can show you however is the fun we had drawing dresses to put on their notice board.

About the most fun you can have with a fineliner!

My daughter completely trounced me in the design stakes though!

Finally, a walk around some of the vintage clothes and charity shops led to some purchases.  I managed to get three metres of this fabric which I am hoping is from the seventies.  It is going to become a seventies dress anyway!!!


  1. You have the most lovely duvet covers :D And your child scaring knees made me giggle!
    I had a look at the dress of the year, but I didn't especially care for it I'm afraid.
    I am looking forward to your 70s dress though :)

    1. I thought the same as you do about the dress of the year - the black duct tape was more than a little odd!

  2. Yay for muslins that join the wardrobe! The colors are lovely on you - you do find the best duvet covers - and the style also really works. It may feel a bit tight on the hips but it doesn't look like it - maybe it's just more fitted than you're used to?

    1. It did bunch up a little at the back which I thought may be fixed by increasing the hip size a little - the only problem is I am worried I will change the style of the dress too much if I do make any big changes - but I will try it and see!

  3. Proud you and your daughter had such a fun day.. I love, love your new dress.. Looks great on you..

    1. Thank you. We had a great time together. :)

  4. Hello Hoffi,

    I have just been having a great giggle catching up on your blog - some really fab dresses, and duvet cover toiles has to be Brainwave of the Year in my book.

    We had a trip to the Fashion Museum for my birthday last month. Quite and experience, seeing all those gorgeous Georgian silk dresses and then being confronted with Dress of the Year 2013. Total tat. It should be put in a washing machine set at 90 degrees and fast spin.

    Glad you liked the quilt gift wrapping. All I have left of the brown you liked, about 15 x 9 inches, is yours if you send me your address.

    Love, Muv