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Friday, 23 May 2014

Baking Whilst Me Made May Making

As you may have realised if you regularly read my ramblings, I like to make presents for my friends.  I think that if you learn how to do something, you may as well share the love!!!  The tricky thing is actually thinking what to make.  A dear friend's birthday was this week and, as I have recently started tending an allotment with her and other friends, I thought it was a good idea to make her an allotment cake!

It's not all about the cake though, this is Me Made May after all.  The above photo shows me in a previously unblogged top I made from one of the Japanese Drape Drape books.  If the fabric looks a little familiar it is because I already have a dress and a top made out of it!  It was originally a very large bedsheet from a charity shop.  A verrrry large bedsheet!

As for the cake, my friend took some lovely photos of it.  I made the vegetables out of fondant that I coloured and moulded - a lot of the ideas for it came from tips on the internet.  I can't remember how I lived in the eighties!!!


  1. You are so talented.. What a beautiful cake..
    Love your outfit too.

  2. Amazing! The detail! Just charming :)

  3. Wow, what a fab cake. Love the details and the top looks good too x

  4. What a fab cake! Your friends are so lucky:-) Love your top and especially love your turban. You look so cool, very Carmen Miranda!

  5. Amazing cake and I love how that fabric just keeps giving and giving!

  6. That cake is adorable! What a brilliant idea :)
    The top looks lovely and the print is so cheery!