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Friday, 28 March 2014

Sew For Victory - The Make Do and Mend Mentality

It is Sew For Victory time!  I am joining a group of Forties enthusiasts in sewing an outfit reminiscent of that era.

Whilst my outfit is still in the planning stage, it has got me thinking about how scarce fabric would have been during the rationing years.  As I became a quilter before I became a dressmaker I have always been loathe to throw away even the tiniest scrap of fabric.  Scrap quilts were my first love when I began, tentatively, to sit down with a needle and thread whilst my newborn took a nap, and I love seeing how much I can get out of any fabric that passes my way.

I think I had three metres of blue linen to make my Colette Peony.


With the leftovers I made a skirt as a birthday gift for my daughter's friend.

Now I am really left with scraps!  I still can't bear to throw the pieces out so have made this flower.

The button is from my charity shop button tin.  I'm not sure quite what it will embellish yet.  I think I may try and squuuueeeeze out a small bag from what is left of the linen!

Thank you Rochelle for reminding me of those ladies who perfected the make do and mend ethos. 


  1. The flower is gorgeous! What a clever idea! You could put a pin on the back and wear it on the Peony? Or pin it to a hat maybe? The possibilities are endless, and your "scrap hoarding" is such a good mentality to have. I too have heaps of scraps I can't throw out. When I'm an ol' little lady, I will make quilts :D

    1. I love the idea of hoarding fabric ready for retirement! :)

  2. So cute! Way to squeeze every drop out of that fabric!!

  3. I love this idea. You flower is gorgeous and could maybe decorate your Sew for Victory? It's also lovely to see these presents you are creating for your daughter's friends - they are lucky girls!

    1. I am looking into making a 1940's handbag. I'm not sure if it will match the dress I am making though so I am still pondering!