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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Bow Tie Scarf

As stated previously, I love to borrow craft books from my local library as it's a great way to explore new techniques, and it also proves to my local council that crafting is alive and well in the county!

My latest loan was 'Creative Makers Simple Knitting' by Ros Badger.  I love the look of this book and the projects inside were just right to use up some of my stash of odd balls of yarn.

I knitted this bow tie scarf (which she calls a silky m uffler - but I have been too scared to type that phrase into a search engine!!!) with two balls of yarn.  I used a fine 4 ply pink yarn which was donated to me by my friend's knitting mum, and the remains of a cone of aran yarn that I bought in a charity shop.  The aran was a little rough, which is why I blended it with the soft pink to try and give it a more gentle hand, and I think it achieved that.

It is knitted in seed stitch (or moss stitch) and it gives it a lovely firm texture which gives the bow aspect a good definition.  I have made it a little bit longer than suggested as I am not keen on wearing scarfs too tightly.

I think that's a happy face! :)


  1. It is lovely and cheerful! I really like your whole outfit, such fresh colors :)

    1. Thank you - I think I was hoping spring time colours might get rid of all the fog we have had in Wales the last couple of days!

  2. You´ve made that from a book? Wow! No wonder you are wearing your happy face!
    How´s that dress coming along? If I could I would go to Wales to help you...but again I haven´t the slightest idea about fit altertions! :P

    1. :) I've abandoned the dress for now - I'm thinking of joining the Sew for Victory group so am looking into 1940's patterns! Wish me luck!