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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Applique Cushion Finally Finished!

I have finally finished something! 

I splashed out last month on a couple of Craftsy courses.  One of which was Machine Finished Hand Applique by Beth Ferrier.  I personally loved Beth's teaching style and her applique technique was not something that I had thought of doing and gave, in my humble opinion, good results!

I am conscious that I do not want to give away Beth's technique as I feel that would be unfair to her but I will say that it uses an applique thread which I am not a fan of.  She did suggest an alternative thread which I found easy to source and I couldn't resist a photo of the lovely starter pack I purchased.  You can see the cushion below all basted and ready to quilt.

My meandering free-motion machine quilting is getting better - apologies to my family as I seem to control the fabric better if I sing at the same time!!!!  No, I don't know why either!

This cushion is destined to become a present for a friend and I am itching to try a quilt using this technique.  Could take me a while.....


  1. Beautiful! Lucky friend :)

    Humming relieves my stress ... maybe your singing does the same for you and lets your motions be "looser" ...? It turned out well so keep singing :)

    1. Thank you. I think it is something to do with keeping part of your brain busy on something so you don't overthink where the stitches are going - it's just a pity I can't sing in tune!

  2. It is just beautiful!! What is your song/s of choice for good applique?

    1. I'm afraid I was just manically 'doo-bee-doo'ing! I do like listening to my ipod whilst sewing though but I have rather eclectic tastes! 'Hair Metal' being a particular favourite of mine!