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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Refashion Runway Season Two - Peplum

When I read that this week's refashion was based on peplums, I must admit my heart sank a little.  I've never been a fan of peplums.  As a fully, fully paid up member of the pear shaped gang, the last thing I want is a bunch of fabric accentuating my widest part.  I know peplums don't have to sit on the hip but you don't see many bust peplums about!  Still, a challenge is a challenge. 

I bought this blouse - which is five sizes too big for me - in an Oxfam sale for one pound.  This meant that I didn't mind experimenting a bit.  I started by pretty much unpicking everything.  That meant all the waist darts, bust darts, side seams and sleeve heads had to be dismantled, and I was left with this..

I then cut out a new bodice using the colette peony pattern and assembled the new bust and waist darts.  I then had a wobbly about the sleeves.

I could not decide whether to have little cap sleeves or keep the original cuffs.  Cap sleeves are more 'me' but then, as you have already gathered, peplums are not very me so why not go the whole hog with a different style.  A cup of tea and a sandwich later, I looked again at the photos and decided that I could not discard such a nice detail as the sleeve cuffs, so I kept them long.

And this is the finished result.  The peplum itself was simple to do as I just gathered the bottom section of the old blouse and put it back onto the smaller bodice.

Here I am wearing my new peplum at a friend's house.  Am I now won over by the peplum?  Sorry - I am not!  It was an easy style to wear but I still don't think it is very 'me'. 


I did have a lovely morning though.  I was attending a macmillan coffee morning, raising funds for a cancer support charity.  Coffee, cakes, chatting, cats and charity.  Can I add couture to that list?  Not with a peplum!!!!

You can vote for your favourite in the competition here.


  1. I think it looks really nice on you and you did a very good job at a total refashion.You deserve an award for all of that unpicking.What you ended up with looks so much nicer than what you started out with!

  2. I know what you mean by feeling a garment style is not quite "you", but it looks good on you. I am not a peplum gal either, but I am re-thinking that after seeing the results of the competition and sew-along this week. The colour is wonderful and I think you made the right call keeping the cuffs. If you like shorter sleeves, is there a way to use the cuffs for a very small cap sleeve, perhaps? (not sure if cap sleeve is the right term - I am thinking of a very short insert, maybe one to two inches at the shoulder seam, narrowing in to no sleeve at all toward the underarm seam)

    1. Some of the peplums on the fitted dresses the ladies have made do look really cute - still not convinced for me though! I do love a cap sleeve - think I will be trying it on a refashion soon.

  3. I understand the aversion to peplum, a malady shared by many of us! However, you did an excellent job. I love the transformation - and the sleeves. Keep it up!