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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Refashion Runway Season Two - Leather

To quote Craig Revel Horwood on the television series Strictly Come Dancing, this week I had an 'absolute di-SAH-ster dahling'!

Being a bit of a rock chick I have in the past been known to put on a bit of leather.

This photo was taken twenty years ago.  Twenty years ago, deary me.  Anyway, I've still got it..... the leather skirt that is - not necessarily the mojo!!!

Anyhow, I certainly wasn't going to chop into my precious skirt so off I went in search of a bit of charity leather.  There was none to be had.  The best thing I could come up with was this dodgy coat, with buttons missing, that looked like something that the token 'bad boy' of a nineties boy band would wear whilst perching on a stool.

And no, it's not even leather.  Only the best fibre content for me...

Nothing shouts quality more than a heavy percentage of polyurethane!

So, in for a penny, in for a pound, I decided to mix it with a bargain bag of fabric scraps I got from Ebay.

I only used the lighter fabric pictured in the end.  It was a shiny stretchy material which was hemmed on two sides so I've no idea what it was in its previous life!

After some playing around I came up with this....


Now, I am aware that I hated the peplum last week, and I really don't want to be the type of blogger who people think is trying to curry favour by saying they hate everything they make.  I don't usually.  I've just been trying to push myself a bit by making things a little out of my comfort zone and I suppose the success rate is lower when this is the case.  It is also very badly sewn.  The back seam just puckered up and in the end I just pretty much gave up with it.

I do like the pockets though!  This was a happy accident because I cut out the back of the jacket for the back of the skirt and then realised that the only large pieces of coat fabric left had pockets on them.  Should pear shaped girls have huge pockets on their hips?  ... um, no Miss, but I like them!

I'm afraid this skirt is going straight into the pile marked 'try again' and you will probably see it in some other form next week -  It's Halloween time!

You can vote for an actual, properly made, properly leather refashioned item here.


  1. Poor old polyurethane. Always gets a bad run. I'm sure it's enjoying it's life better now as a skirt - soon to be halloween costume than on the bad boy from the boy band hanging out looking cool on a stool.

    1. I think it might continue it's reincarnation as a halloween cape... but not for me!

      They always sat the bad boy on the stool on the end as well - maybe that was the naughty stool!

  2. Yep! the polyurethane is the bad guy here, I´m sure! if it´s any consolation I had a very good time reading your post. You are great!

    1. Thank you - I did enjoy writing this post. The coat fabric had a weird stretchy rubbery quality to it which I guess must be the polyurethane. Ok on my overlooker but it was like trying to sew together playdough on my machine!

  3. I do love to hear about a good disaster in the sewing room, makes me feel less alone :)

    I've never sewn with leather or any facsimile. I would not know where to start, if it weren't for this week's challenge on Beth's blog. It sounds like the problems sewing leather and pleather are quite different. I do like the combination look you came up with; that silvery grey material is a good companion to the black leather(ish) material.

    1. Thank you. I was quite happy with the colour combination but the construction was just terrible! Still, you live and learn!