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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fall For Cotton

I have finished my waistcoat for the Fall For Cotton challenge. 

Here is a reminder of the pattern together with the fabric.

I was lucky to be gifted this fabric (diolch Mrs Tomos!) which was originally a curtain.  There was enough fabric to make a waistcoat but some thought had to go into the fabric placement to avoid (technical sewing term coming up...) red rose boob syndrome!
Expensive pattern weights there... from Lidls!
I knew I wanted to avoid breaking up too many of the large roses with the dart placements so a little bit of fussy cutting was used.

Just about managed to avoid a rose boob!
Back view - I love the neck darts.
I had originally planned to use some buttons from a bag I purchased from a charity shop.  I selected five lovely bright red ones but somehow, when I placed them onto the final waistcoat, they didn't look quite right.  

Luckily, I then remembered I had been given these little lovelies as a gift...

So cute!

 I finished the waistcoat just in time for date night.

I teamed it with wedge sandals I managed to pick up in the charity shop for £3.50!  The pink jacket I think I bought for a wedding about twenty years ago, the skirt has been loaned to me by my sister and the handbag is one I knitted a while back.

Myself and Mr HoffiCoffi went to see the comedian Stewart Lee and very funny he was to.  Although this picture was taken before we got there and I am laughing only because Mr HoffiCoffi said he was getting the bin in the picture.  Very sad.  Even sadder is that no alcohol was consumed that evening to account for my laughing at a bin!  I guess you had to be there.....


  1. Red rose boob syndrom! LOL! Your waistcoat turned out beautifully! I love it! The placement of the roses is so right! And I like those little buttons a lot! Good one!

  2. It turned out beautifully - you did so well with your rose placement; even disregarding the risk of rrb syndrome I really like where the roses landed :) - so pretty, and it looks like a great fit too!

  3. So pretty.. I love the fabric... Looks so pretty on you.

  4. LOVELY! haha, I would not have thought of the red rose boob syndrome, I need to pay more attention to these things. I love how you wore this vest as a blouse under a jacket. I already have 2 of such vests and I never thought I would need another one. Now I think there's room in my cupboard for one more. A rosey print on white or cream!

  5. Waistcoat looks smashing!
    The last photo really put a smile on my face,and I wasn't even there :D

  6. Waistcoats are not my favourite thing but you have made this one so gorgeously.The buttons are both sweet and inspirational and the whole thing looks really nice on you.Well done for rising to the challenge!

  7. It looks even better than I thought it would! Fabo!!

  8. I'm sure I had those exact same shoes, but gave them to a charity shop...