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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Eighties Nightgown

My poor husband.  I'm afraid my slight obsession with sewing vintage garments has now led into the bedroom.  

I bought Butterick 5854 in a charity shop at the same time as a woman fell over in the window display.  I would like to point out that I was the other side of the shop at the time and was not rushing to grasp any vintage patterns in said display so I am in no way culpable.  (The lady was ok - although she did get a telling off from the cashier which I thought was rather harsh!)

Anyway, back to the pattern.  Why did I pick this...?

Because it was 'Very Easy'.  In fact - so confident are they in their classification that they shout it out in several languages.  'Est-il facile?' 'OUI!  C'EST FACILE!'  And indeed it was.  If you have no fear of lace inset trims that is....

Construction was fairly uneventful until it came to the trim.  The instructions told me to simply sew the lace straight onto the garment.  No problem.

But then there was the small matter of 'trimming the fabric 6mm from stitchings, being careful not to cut lace trim.'  OUI!  C'EST FACILE!

As someone who has a track record of snipping right into bodices I was not looking forward to this part.  Please feel free to copy my patented 'tricky sewing' technique as detailed below... however,  I do not recommend it!

Eyes shut.  Headphones on.   Hope for the best.

Turned out ok.

 If I have clipped into the lace - I haven't found it yet!

I do love the effect it creates.  I overlocked the raw edges as the material I used was an old sheet from another charity shop and it was a frayer.

 Look, you can see my eye through it!

All in all it was a lovely pattern to use.  The neck trim was a bit of a fiddle and I'm not greatly happy with the mitred corners but I guess it was easy to make... if you keep your eyes open that is!


  1. This made me smile. :) You did a lovely job. Working with lace can be scary, indeed!

  2. Oh my goodness, i love yoursense of humor! Your "silly faces" remindme of my mother who loved to make me laugh. ( so glad i ran into your blog from the renegade seamstress sew-along. )