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Monday, 1 October 2012

Paying for Pembrokeshire Part 2

I have been busy preparing for a craft show on Sunday.  The tricky thing is thinking up things to make with a view to selling them but luckily I just make what I like and hope that others might agree with me.  I am realistic though.  This is not how I'm going to make my fortune.  No, that is going to be with my amazing 'Pamela Anderson Buoyancy Aid Swimsuit' for ladies who can't swim. :-) This time next year I'll be a millionaire....!

So anyway, back from my head in the clouds I have been making brooches.  There are knitted ones like those above where I have had great fun trying out new cables stitches.

And many butterflies in a tin!  I have taken some photos of them flitting through the flora and fauna.

And finally I decided to print 'diolch', meaning thank you in Welsh on a few paper bags. I think it will be a quiet one but as it's only my second fair that might be better for me.  I wonder if I could make anything else by Sunday.....


  1. diolch for sharing this! It´s great to learn new things!

  2. Fingers crossed for a fun fair and a few sales to boot. I love those little butterfly brooches.

  3. Best of luck!
    Hope the fair is busy and you have an enjoyable day. Nice touch with the bags!

  4. So pretty - I can think of several little girls of my acquaintance who'd be begging for those brooches after just a glimpse. Good luck with the craft fair, and I look forward to hearing about your amazing invention and its successes :-)