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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hope to Ghana

I spent a lovely Saturday evening at an urban market raising money for the charity Hope To Ghana.  It was a great opportunity to spend time chatting with friends, drinking an enormous cup of tea, raising money for a good cause and trying on some gorgeous previously owned clothes... and eating a lovely homemade victoria sponge!
There seems to be quite a lot of photos of me with tea and cake on this blog!

Naturally I made a couple of purchases!  I'd love to show you two dresses I got for five pounds each.  

I love the pattern and the capped sleeves on this dress.

This dress is from Monsoon.

I love the gathered neckline and the embroidered fan design.

Quick question - can a girl have too many aqua dresses?!!

Thank you Sarah for a lovely evening.


  1. Gorgeous dresses, what fab bargains they were. Just the glimpse of that cake is making my tummy rumble! x

    1. It was delicious! And the cup of tea was huge!

  2. Looks fun. Answer to your question - absolutely not! I love turquoise too.