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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Stripey Vest

Well I am back from my holiday and am busy sorting through my many fabric and yarn purchases.  I feel refreshed and am raring to make as much as I can in the next couple of months.  I have a plan Stan but more on that in future posts....

I ran up a stripey vest for my daughter just before the holiday - literally.  Her suitcase was already packed but she made her Mummy proud by putting it on as soon as I finished it so that she had it with her as an extra layer for the beach. 

It may have been the fact that I was sewing 'against the clock' but I did find the jersey stripe fabric a nightmare!  My sewing machine just loved eating it up.  I tried a narrow zigzag stitch,  nope.  I tried twin needles, nope.  I tried shouting, nope nope nope.  In the end I realised the only way to go was a very fine ball point needle and I'm guessing some tear away stabiliser would have been useful but I was in a hurry!!!

I'm glad I persevered however as my daughter has worn it several times.  The pattern, if anyone fancies making it, is Simplicity 'Hannah Montana Forever' 2267.


  1. Great result! Well done for persevering. As my daughter said, only people who don't sew think it's relaxing. She earned the name Thumper from her sewing machine rage.
    Looks like Pembrokshire was kind with the weather too.

  2. We were very lucky. As you know this summer has been a bit of a washout weatherwise but we only had one truly wet day. Think I will have to start hand quilting again as that is quite relaxing!

    1. I could do with some relaxing sewing myself to make up for my washout summer.
      Were you planning an actual quilt or something smaller? I'm thinking maybe hand quilting has potential for small gifts too (is it too early to mention Chr...mas?)

    2. Oooh it's never too early to mention Christmas. I love it! Actually something smaller would be a good idea. I am hatching a few plans!