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Monday, 10 September 2012

French Knitting and Knots

French knitting is the stuff of childhood memories.   Both myself and my sister had a french knitting 'doll' when we were young.  Although I'm pretty sure one of us just had a wooden cotton reel with nails knocked in it made by my Dad, so maybe calling it a 'doll' is a tad far fetched!

I haven't done any french knitting for many years but my daughter was given a kit for Christmas one year and it has been around the house ever since.   I thought it was an ideal technique to try now that I had a surplus of wool from my holiday splurge.

I think this yarn knits to 4 ply and it was £1.99 from Oxfam.

It was surprisingly easy to remember how to do this but the doll did come with instructions for how to 'cast on' which would have been the only thing I would have struggled with.  Once I had started it I became about seven again and kept tugging the end of the yarn every couple of rows impatient to see the chain coming out the other end.  When I was a child that seemed to take FOREVER!

I knitted a length of about 25 inches I think with the initial thought of making it into a coaster, but the yarn was pretty thin so I quickly realised it would not be bulky enough really to provide the depth that a coaster needs.  A quick look on the internet didn't really inspire me with any other ideas.  I could only find french knitting either coiled up as above or looped into flowers so I decided to try something else.  I went onto YouTube and looked up 'decorative flat knot' and spent an inordinate amount of time tangled up and hitting the pause button every two seconds.  Lots of rewinds and 'what did he just do then?' queries later and I ended up with this....

Which I quite like - even if it is tiny.  I have sewn a brooch back onto it and whilst I may not make hundreds of these I am quite pleased with my creativity on this one (ooh hark at her!). 


  1. Very sweet!
    Your daughter is probably too young to have experienced the "scooby" knotting craze - have you tried that yourself?

    1. Ooh no. It rings a vague bell but I've never tried it. Is it any good?!

    2. Kind of macrame with neon plastic - depends how that sounds to you!
      I still have a vast supply of keyfobs which were produced by nimble fingers. Strangely addictive.

  2. gorgeous little must make more!!