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Friday, 14 September 2012

Free Motion Embroidery

My friend asked me last week if I could show her how to free-hand machine embroider.  Luckily there were tea and cakes offered in return so I was more than willing to oblige!

Beforehand, I decided to make a little example to show her.  Now, I am not an expert on free-hand work as previously noted but I do enjoy it.  I suppose I just don't find that I need to do it that often so I am still in 'wobbly picture' mode.  I would like to think that I could get away with calling in 'naive'!!!

As I was embroidering a single layer and I still had fresh in my mind my machine eating up a thin jersey recently I decided to use a stabilizer.  However I didn't have stabilizing material so I decided to use grease proof paper.  This worked very well with regards to keeping the fabric lovely and taut for doodling on but removing it did snag a few stitches.

Nevertheless I made a little bag out of a scrap of calico, some buttons from my charity tin and a cord from a gift bag! says 'for lisa'! :)


  1. Really pretty - good re-use of materials too!

  2. I think it looks super cute. I love how you tell us what it says. It is obvious it is 'for lisa' :)

    1. I wasn't absolutely sure it was clear as my handwriting isn't the best when done with just a pen! Thank you for reassuring me. :)