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Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Yesterday I had a very soggy trip to the Eisteddfod.  The Eisteddfod is a festival celebrating Welsh talent in the Welsh language.  There's always lots to see and do but it's quite tricky finding something to wear with all the mud!

Not so much of a problem mind you when you've bought a coat for 30 pence at a jumble sale and can team it with a refashioned skirt also purchased for 30 pence.  I think I can risk the mud with this bargain ensemble!

I can take you on a quick tour - not all craft related - but the next bit is!

This is the lovely Lisa Jones of siwgr who I snapped preparing for the felting classes she was running for the many children who visit the Eisteddfod.    My children were lucky enough to take a class with Lisa in the run up to the event and, in true Blue Peter style... here are the ones they made earlier...

They had such fun planning their designs and wet felting (and I learnt a thing or two as well!).

There was an Open Art Exhibition at the Eisteddfod with a fabulous display of work, including textile art.  There was an amazing framed piece of manipulated silk but unfortunately I don't think photography was allowed.

I did take lots of photos on the Maes (which just means the field - where all the stalls and displays are).

These ranged from the 'to be expected' books and clothing stalls....

To the frankly, bizarre.  Like this aeroplane you could walk into which had television screens under your feet.

Complete with a picture of the same plane apparently wrapped in a Melin Tregwynt blanket.  Ooh Melin Tregwynt - how I love thee.

Finally, I couldn't resist this last photo.  That's me under the umbrella which is under my name in lights!  Well, ok, not exactly lights... :)


  1. A grand day out, as we would say up here in Yorkshire! (Despite the weather)
    Did you take in any music or dance?

    1. I did. My daughter was singing in a choir in the main pavilion when they were giving a literature award. Unfortunately I am only a welsh language learner so much of it went over my head but the singing was very nice! :)

    2. Great to have that involvement. Wales is so much better than England in keeping their heritage alive.
      My daughter is studying for a degree in Traditional Music but it's a much more minority interest here.

  2. Sounds like a great day, wish we had something like that around here.

    What a bargainous outfit, love the way the wellies match the flowers in your dress - you could have told us it all cost a fortune and we would have believed you.