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Monday, 6 August 2012

David and Goliath Skirt

We went to the library today and after I (erroneously) tried to take out a reference only book and managed to get the help desk in a state of disarray, we still had half an hour left until we had to catch our bus home.  So we decided to have a quick look around the charity shops.

My daughter spotted this David and Goliath branded dress in the children's section and desperately wanted it.  It proved to be miles too big for her.  Ahem... let me demonstrate.

"I think it fits Mummy".  

It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that a. I am forty and b. I promised my daughter in the shop that I would make it into a skirt for her.  So I unpicked the lower section from the pink sleeveless vest top and made a channel for elastic.

I really think this fabric is more suited to a nine year old fanatic of bright colours than her mother.

Besides, I am still working on my seventies 'mash up' dress.  Here's a sneak preview of what I've done so far....


  1. That's a sad loss for you but a lovely gain for your daughter. I'd be sad to let it go I can tell you!

    I'm really intrigued by your seventies mash up dress!

  2. You know it looked kinda cute on you! Can't wait to see your seventies mash up dress!

  3. Oh you made me laugh! I would have had a good try at keeping the dress! I am intrigued to see how ther seventies mash up dress turns out.