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Friday, 13 July 2012

Teacher Presents

It is the end of the school term next week and I like to give presents to the teachers thanking them for their work during the year.  This year I have made my son's teacher these apple coasters.  Are apples too obvious?  Probably but I love a cliche!

I love the fabric.  It's from the Summersville range which I have admired for ages on Etsy.  Originally they were all screen printed I believe but Moda has commissioned them and so I could afford to get a commercially printed charm pack.  

I had a bit of a nightmare though with the mitred corners on these coasters.  They are a bit of an Achilles heel of mine.  I love the look of them but really struggle with making a nice accurate angle on each corner that doesn't stick out ungainly.  As with most things in life I am hoping practice will make perfect.

I love the colours of these designs.  The apples are machine embroidered but I tried using hand quilting cotton which actually turned out ok.

My daughter's teacher is a man so I wasn't sure if the coasters were a bit feminine but luckily Mr HoffiCoffi also has a creative hobby!  He designs and makes games and so my daughter is able to present her teacher with a copy of  'Hyper-Miner' a one player game based on the mining of minerals (hope my summary is ok Mr HoffiCoffi!)  It is extra special because my daughter drew the illustrations on the cards.

Think it is safe to say that we are a family that can find plenty of things to do in a power cut!