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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Pattern Eye Candy

We hadn't had a visit to a donation boutique (a.k.a. charity shop) for a while and so decided to go on Saturday.  I was wandering aimlessly towards a corner where, last time I looked, there was a very small selection of bad 80's patterns and look what I found!

A plethora of seventies fabulousness!   At one pound a pattern!  I was in heaven.

They are mostly from the seventies as they have decimal prices but the pattern above is from the sixties and was originally six shillings.

The three above are my favourite.  My absolute favourite is the one in the middle.  On inspecting inside the envelope this one is also missing the instructions but that just adds to the challenge!

This was interesting.  It seems to be an Elle pattern and it was the only pattern where it wasn't clear about the sizing on the envelope.  My sister has had a look inside though and assures me that the patterns are cut out to exactly her measurements.  How convenient! :)

The thing that struck me from these patterns is how similar the colour stories are.  They are Simplicity and Butterick and the copyright dates on the Simplicity patterns are 1974 and 1975.  Think I am duty bound to make something in green now.

And these are the final three.  There were more patterns there but I felt guilty enough buying ten of them.  I assured the lady behind the counter that I would use them and she said she was looking forward to the fashion show!  They are all bust size 12 or 14 which is pretty spot on for me and I still can't believe how lucky I am.  There were quite a few Vogue patterns left and also several patterns in a larger size so if anyone is near Penarth in South Wales I would strongly recommend you head over to the Tenovus shop!


  1. Wow! What a find!

    My mother had a green trouser suit just that shade in the 70's (crimpeline of course). It got used as a Robin Hood fancy dress costume for my cousin once - you can bear that in mind when you're making your 1970's green outfit!

    1. Loving it! I made a cow costume for my son once out of an old fleece of mine so anything is possible. Will have to get myself a pair of green tights and see what I can do!

  2. Ooh they all look great. I too love the middle one in the first pack. Happy sewing!

  3. I love the phrase 'donation boutique'! Hehe! Looks like a great haul, might have to pop down Penarth then! Just not a great day today for an ice cream on the front.

  4. Que suerte!!!, Yo también los quiero!!, que envidia..
    Espero verte pronto algun vestido puesto!!.

    1. Thank you. I have started one of the patterns already!

  5. Hola guapa me sigo muriendo de envidia. El patron butterick 6571 no existe ni en e bay ni en ningun sitio de google.