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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Air Steward Waistcoat

My son's classroom has a 'holiday corner' where the teaching staff have set up a holiday shop and airport.  I decided it was an ideal opportunity for me to use a pattern I had bought from Hobbycraft for the silly price of 29 pence.  

My friend laughed when she saw this pattern.  I realised the styling was a little bit naff (to say the least!) but I thought there were good, fail safe patterns in there.  Surely every little boy needs shorts!

Anyway, the pattern was for up to age 5 and as I was trying to fit 5 to 6 year olds I tried drafting it up a little.  Unfortunately it wasn't as successful as I thought as my son can just about get it on and I would say he is about average size.  (I did check the seam allowance was included this time!)  So maybe my clever buy wasn't so clever after all!

The actual pattern was ok to put together but I wasn't a fan of how they inserted the lining.  It did involve a bit of handsewing and I'm sure if I were to ponder it over a cup of tea I could figure out a better way of putting it in but hey ho. 

As you can see I did take pity on the teachers and put a Velcro fastening on the front instead of real buttonholes.

The buttons were from my charity shop tin of buttons and I was quite pleased with the pocket which I self drafted. 

This last picture shows the detail of the trim I put on the shoulder seams in the hope of making it look a bit more 'air steward' than 'reluctant six year old at a wedding!'