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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Me Made May Days 27, 28, 29 and 30!

Gosh!  Doesn't time fly when the weather is warm.  Just a quick run through on what I have been wearing for what will probably be the only balmy days this season!

On the 27th I wore charity shop shorts together with a Me Made butterfly brooch.  The t-shirt was tie-dyed by my sister and it has 'Jellyhead' printed on it.  Jellyhead was a Viz comic book character when we were students and even though my sister gave it to me several years after as a present it is still now fifteen years old!  I realise I am giving the impression that I never throw anything away!

Actually this picture on the 28th shows that the previous statement is true.  Here I am wearing my Me Made fifteen pence dress made partly out of old damaged pillowcases.  My friend gave me the sweet pea plants and I have used branches cut off my neighbour's tree as supports - the water I am using is naturally from a water butt!  The bracelet is fairly new and is, again, a hand made gift from my sister (yes - I know I am spoilt!).

On day 29 I decided to tackle the fact that I have been a little short of Me Made clothing to be able to wear something different every day for a month and I am therefore sewing a new pair of trousers.  The only Me Made item today is the felt flower brooch.

However, I saved the felt flower brooch to end all felt flower brooches for today!  Sadly I did not make it but was lucky enough to be given this hand made wonder by my good friend Lisa Jones.  I have teamed it with the refashioned skirt and Me Made headband worn previously in the month.

I had an amazingly girly day today as I was invited to have a lovely complimentary hand and arm massage with my 'birthday girl' friend also called Lisa. 

Ooops, I may have made a little purchase!!!!


  1. Lovely pics and selection of outfits.
    A girl after my own heart - saving your money for the luxury treats! I'm all for that!

    1. It's all about priorities isn't it! :) It was a lovely day out!

  2. Hehe - I REALLY can't believe you still have that Jellyhead T shirt - I'm starting to wonder if this is all just a ploy to get us to buy you some new clothes! ;o) (Only joking!) I'm a bit sad it's June now, been looking forward to seeing your outfits every day! :o) xxx

    1. I knew I was a bit of a hoarder but I'm a bit worried now you might put me forward for one of those decluttering programmes on the telly! Saying that, you may have to help me with ideas for what to make for next May!