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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Me Made May Days 23 and 24

Today, I decided that I had to wear the Me Made shorts again to show my tutor at my dressmaking class all the problems I had with the fitting and to garner her advice.  To cheer myself up I decided to carry my phone in this little Me Made purse.  It has leaves appliqued on it as I had small scraps of brown and green fabric left over from making tree bags to sell at a scout fete.  I may have overdone the 'ticking fabric' look today!

After discussing things with my tutor I decided to take the side seams in a bit on my 'proper' trousers so I spent the lesson redrafting my original pattern and cutting out the fabric.

These darts are now very, very big!

This shows the side seam that I have now tapered in by half an inch.  Worryingly though my measuring and bad maths is now suggesting that the waist measurement will be far too small.  Looks like I will be putting those darts back to their original size after all!

My lovely brown fabric all ready and waiting to be made into wonderfully fitted trousers!!!!

Yesterday I wore this Me Made dress which cost me fifteen pence to make.  I didn't realise until I tried to find the original post that I made this way back in 2010.  Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!


  1. If you're making the darts wider it's probably worth making them a bit longer too - another tip is to sew them as a curve rather than in a straight line, makes for a smoother finish (I can show you sometime)

    1. Cool, thanks Ceri. I did make the darts a bit longer on the practice pair so I will have to try that again. Do you curve in or out? (Concave or convex? I am embarrasing myself now to a Maths master!)

  2. Fifteen pence! Impressive.
    I've been keeping a clothes spending list in the back of my diary this year. It's been interesting!