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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Me Made May Days 21 and 22

Why do bad trousers happen to good people?

These shorts are my first attempt at making trousers for my very, very, pear shaped body.

Cue photo hopefully illustrating the amount of pear we are talking about here....
My hip size is at least two sizes bigger than my bust and waist size and in order to accommodate this I cut the pattern in the required hip size (actually it didn't go up to my hip size so I had to taper the hips out a bit!) and then increase the already present darts to try to fit it to my waist.  Problem is I widened the dart and it was still too baggy at the waist so I widened it again and my question is when does it stop becoming a dart and start becoming just a wedge!

The front of the shorts showing just how baggy they are at the front with the darts dimpling badly....

but the thing is this (very fetching) back view shows that I think I was right in my sizing for the seat - I had to sew a scant seam allowance as it was as initially I tacked it, sat down, and heard that sound we all adore - rrrrrip!

I'm not proud of this picture but we have no secrets now so here is the depressing tummy shot!  They are supposed to sit below the waist and in my view they are not that baggy but I still think I may have made them too big.   I need advice basically!

To cheer myself up lets look at something that does fit.  Yesterday myself and Mr HoffiCoffi wore some Me Made socks.

Aw, see, I can make stuff!


  1. I never seem able to give good advise on sizing or anything really.. but your socks are gorgeous!

  2. I'll try and give you a hand with the trousers sometime - love the sock pic though! :o)