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Friday, 18 May 2012

Me Made May Days 17 and 18

Day 18 and another refashioned charity shop item.

I found this really cute silk top in the charity shop and I had no idea if it would fit but it was so beautiful I decided to risk it.  Here it is modelled by Merle.  It was sooo close but just wasn't quite right.

There was quite a bit of excess fabric on each side seam.  Look at the cute cat pattern!  

Because it was a bit loose either side it made the back a bit saggy despite the elastic.  I unpicked the sides, took them in a bit and re-inserted the zip.  It now fits like a glove.  I loved the ribbon that I found inside used for hanging the top up. So much so that when I had to cut it out I decided to tie it round my wrist - well it does say 'I love rosy cheeks!'

Also, just a quick picture of what I wore yesterday.  It is a purchased top which I have embellished with a floral applique motif.  The scarf is Me Made.  I am having so much fun!


  1. Wow, green, lucky cats and silk?? My word that was a good find! Looks fantastic!

    1. Thank you. I spotted it on a Saturday afternoon and was very surprised nobody had bought it before me!

  2. This top is beautiful with all these kittens!You'll be top this summer!