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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Me Made May Days 15 and 16

Cup of tea in a new outfit!

This is the skirt I bought on my charity shop trip on Day 5.

It's a little bit too big!  Either that or I've found an amazing new slimming plan!. 

Firstly, I cut off some belt hooks.  The belt was long gone and I didn't think I would need one (once I had taken it in a tiny bit that is).

Then I took two panels out of the back of skirt.  I was lucky because it was a centre back zip so I didn't need to take that out.  I then cut the waistband to fit and hand sewed it back together.

In true make do and mend style I then used the fabric from the discarded panels to make a matching headband.  Does it look a bit too family von trapp?  All together now 'high on a hill was a lonely goatherd....'!

Oh yes, and yesterday I wore...

..Me Made gloves!

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