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Monday, 14 May 2012

Me Made May Days 13 and 14

Yesterday it was still sunny and so I was out in my parents' garden in flip flops and this skirt made out of an old bedsheet.  The floral fabric was an offcut I found in the charity shop and I stencilled the blue and green flower on using the freezer paper technique and fabric paint.

Today, however, is another story.  Back to the rain and I am planning a day in sewing.  The only Me Made item I am wearing today is a rather badly sewn pair of knickers!  Now, I have realised that there is no good way for a forty year old, slightly overweight (I was breathing in!) mum to photograph herself in said bad pants so I did what I always do in such situations.  I decided to hula hoop!

There, that is all the gratuitous pants photography you are getting! :)

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